Addition of New content Yes we are back to school

2:26 PM

Yesterday was my creation day and i created a fun back to school set of illustrations!althoghy my drive is already full of back to school vectors , i wanted to create more fresh stuff here is a preview of the new set.

And I had to take off stuff of two of designers from the store as they had some issues from their associates which obviously they should have confirmed with before submitting to my store. AiF is very particular about copyright issues and when these images are submitted every time with each image submission artist signs a form which states clearly that they should have full right on the file submission and AiF will not be responsible . So hopefully in the future artists will read the terms of submission .
And we have a brand new section of Digital Stamps at the store now which is on Demand .Now you will be able to download single digital stamps along with an option to download the full sets Here is a new set addition to the Digital Stamps Section made up of all the little cute fairies ! this too is a set on demand how lovely.!

Thats not it here are two more new sets added check them out as well!

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