Submit content to AiVault store and earn a whooping 90% commsion

9:01 PM

Yes! we are getting ready for the official launch of Aifactory - The design factor and we are seeking designers to join us on this quest . Please note designer seats are limited . It is not a site with 100 or 200 contributors we are seeking artists who are seeking opportunities online to build up a name and repute as a brand. And not all applicants will be approved but still it is worth it! . Designers are being taken in with a whooping 80% commission rate. AND artists who join us within August and upload at least 20 approved products are given comission rate of 90% till the end of Dec!! how cool is that?!! Read all the details on the store page over here
What do you have to do?
All you have to do is signup to the site , and upload atleast three of your products to Approval Que . Once approved you will contacted with additional details .
What we are looking for?
We are looking for Vector packs , Cliparts sets , photoshop brushes , vector brushes , individual eps illustrations , digital stamps ( png files for crafters) , blog headers and even wordpress themes.
If you are not interested spread the word let other artists know about this great opertunity . AiVault already has a repute and we would love you to help us build it more!!

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