A website Claiming contents of Aifactory as own!

9:25 PM

It has come to my notice that a cliparts and digital stamp site is claiming content of Aifactory as its own . And claims that these are stolen. This is an open letter to the owner of that site to point out a single image as its ! and show the original at their store?! They are only afraid that Aifactory is coming up as a strong site with strong content .

The owner of that store started this bad word campaign against me and my store!. i was invited to this store to publish my contents i decided to create my own site and as a result they are spreading these words so my store wont flourish!!

I Dare her to take it to court ! she is a liar and please think twice before listening or paying attention to rumors like these!She has also spread a rumor that PCP had difficulty with our store , then Why pcp run a challenge with me? and why is my group still in PCP not banned or kicked? or is that her plan to call PCP and tell more lies there?
I am really angry with this person spreading bad words about me and the store !

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