How to make a decorative paper cone!

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Hello there! Today I am going to show you how to make a decorative paper cone! Now, the one I am making I am turning into an ornament and I made mine vintage. When you make yours, you can use any paper you want, and it doesn't have to be made into an ornament! Although, having a handle is nice....!
Ok, let's get started!

First, you need a circle. It can be any size. Depending on how big you want it. Mine is 8 1/2" diameter. When curled into a cone, this measures 5" tall. The smaller the circle, the smaller your cone. The largest circle nestability will actually make a cone that fits in the palm of your hand! Quite small! LOL! I used a vegetable bowl for my circle.

Ok, step 1: Trace your circle on your patterned paper. One thing to note: you will want to use thin designer paper. Thick paper doesn't hold very well. Unless you have really tough adhesive. Once your circle is traced, cut it out. Now, fold it in half to find the center. You are going to cut your circle in half.

{Fold your paper in half to find the center}

{Cut down the center of your circle}

{Your two half circles should look like this}

Step 2: You are going to adhere sticky strip to the bottom of the half circle in the left corner on the side that will be facing OUT. Then you will turn it over and place a small piece of sticky strip to the same left corner. NOTE: On the first side (facing out), you will want to tuck in part of that sticky strip in the corner so that it doesn't show over the top of the cone.

{Sticky strip starting in the left corner and going out to the center. You want to make this long enough to wrap around the cone for better stick-togetherness}

{And flip paper over and adhere sticky strip in same corner, just not as long}

{It's tough to see, but I pushed the corner of the sticky strip into the other corner so that it won't show at the top of the cone when I put it together}

Step 3: Put your cone together! You are going to have to test this, to make it work for you. But, you're going to wrap your cone around, so that the "tucked in sticky strip" end wraps around towards the top and faces you. While the opposite side comes around and faces you on the bottom. Then wrap that around and up in front.

{This is where you're wrapping it around into the cone shape.}

{This is where your small adhesive side comes around and faces you. And you will wrap this around and up.}

{This is what your cone should look like once you adhere both edges!}

Step 4: Punch holes in the top sides if you are going to make a hanger out of this.

{I used a 1/8" hole punch here for wire.}

Step 5: Cover the bottom of the cone w/ a flower and little bell. IF YOU ARE MAKING AN ORNAMENT! If you are NOT making this an ornament, you can still cover it w/ a flower or do whatever you want. I used wire to attach the flower and bell to the inside

{This is how everything attaches}

{Adhere sticky strip to the ends of the wire and put up through the bottom hole and attach to sides of cone.}

{This is what it should look like once attached!}

Step 6: Decorate as desired! Have fun with this!

{Here are 3 that I made today.}

Please let me know if this is in any way confusing, or if you have questions or concerns!

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