Free Digital Stamp , Love is in the air

10:30 PM

Well i cant exactly see it in the air but it is through out the web at least , stores are selling lovely stuff .
There are tons of creative ideas out there that you can incorporate using the free digital stamp that i have for you this time! and guess what i am myself out of ideas! So... i would very much like to see what you come up with this valentine. Download this freebie , create something astonishingly creative , lovely and adorable , leave a link to your blog post about it and enter for a chance to win $5 in spending at the Aifactory store!.
Here is what i have for you

Here is what you have to do in order to win $5 coupon to the Aifactory Store.
1- Download this freebie.
2- Use it and create something WOW!
3- Post it on your blog
4- Leave a link here to your post.
5- Sign up to our newsletter. (our next freebie will be distributed through newsletter)

Thats IT!
Leave a link below

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