Featured Artist At Aifactory - Laurie Wilson- the interview

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We at aifactory are very honoured to have great creative minds working and providing cool content at aifactory store . So in honour of these artists we are running Artist in spotlight feature at the AIF blog .
This week we are featuring ever so talented Laurie Wilson. I came to know Laurie through her work and she when she mailed me cards that she created using AIF images i was instantly in love with her work!
Laurie's Brand at Aifactory store is Clearly Deslightful Designs , she has her own blog which is quite popular as well . We sure are happy to have her at AIF!

AIF needed to know more about her so we went on over to her place (virtually) , and over a warm cup of coffee (virtually...yummm!) , in a very cozy work environment we asked her some questions in order to know more about her.

Tell us something about yourself and how and when you got involved in digital illustrations and designs?

I am a SAHM (stay at home mom), 35, married to a Texan who is gracious in letting me continue my crafting adventures.  I started illustrating in October 2007, with my first release on December 1 2008, for an online clear stamp company.  I enjoy crafting paper projects as well as illustrating.

Tell us something about your characters? what is your source of inspiration?

I feel that my style of illustrations has a wide range from cute to realistic.  I also feel that my illustrations have developed over the past 3 years, as I became more experienced with certain images and styles.  Many times, I will see something in nature, outdoors, or while I am at the grocery store which often lead into some image or idea in my head and I try to keep thinking on it until I get home to sketch it out before I forget it.

The little giraffe, for instance, I had recently seen a cute giraffe on the news and I studied him as quicly as I could and then searched for some more photos on the internet to get an idea of the proportions of his body and certain characterisitcs portrayed in facial expressions. 

Flowers are everywhere and so I find those pretty easy to draw up in my head, especially with my own flowers around the house to look at and watch how they grow and change.

Which is your favorite item that you have listed here at Aifactory?

I think right now, it is the giraffe. Although he has a lot of fine detail, the end result of coloring him is quite rewarding as a finished craft item.

How have grown tremendously in the past year , where do you see yourself in future?

My goal is to provide a nice variety of illustrated images and to continue to keep paper crafting and illustrating as equally balanced as possible.

What kind of images you will be uploading here at Aifactory in the coming days?

Cartooney furniture is on my drawing board, as well as more flowers and animals.

What is your process of creating digital images? which softwares do you use?

All my final illustrations are drawn digitally in Adobe Illustrator using a Wacom pen tablet, whether they start out as a hand sketch or an image in my head.

Walk us through your typical workday?

Workday?  LOL!  My workday is basically my home life with a twist.  I get up, feed and play with kids (if my husband hasn't already done that).  I'll get my coffee and sit down at the computer and look through emails.  I may start or continue a few illustrations that I have been working on, and then maybe create a card or two, then it is back to tending to the kids--lunchtime, naps, etc.  I just fit my work into my daily activities. I have my calendar filled with things due on certain days for the whole month and I just plug away at that, getting things done early as I can manage it.  Some days, I don't even sit down at my craft table or computer.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Mia and AIFactory has been tremendously supportive and I am so thankful for her patience and encouragement!

Aww laurie! thank you for such encouraging words! will catch you later , as i have a gift for readers from Laurie! yay! so wait for our next post !

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