Back to basics and this blog is back! with a bang! SALE 50% OFF at the store and 90$ Giveaway!

10:26 PM

I know things can get quite difficult when you have tons and tons of stuff to do at home , my usual day goes starts around 5 in the morning and till i fall into bed around 10 at night i am completely exhausted!

My youger son is sort of the cuddly type and he will stick around me full day , he wants to play with me and get me involved in everything that he does! and i want to enjoy it as much as i can . As a i know after a while when he is all grown up i and heads off to his busy life i will have these wonderful memories of wonderful times we have spent together :) . So i thought why not have a mom's appreciation week! this one is for all the mommy's who still manage to stay sane and still manage to do all the creative work that they do!. ..

You can invite your friends over to enjoy this sale , any mommy will do! LOL.

This is not all that i have for you! everyday i will check the comments left and One Mommy will get a $15 coupon to spend on the store so this is around hmm i guess 90$ giveaway.!

To claim it all you have to do is tell us how your usual day is spent managing home and kids if you have any :) , and if you dont have kids still leave a comment with  your usual day routine and i will add you in the giveaway!.

Blog about it at your own blog or site and leave a comment here to enter the giveaway so here is what you do

1- Tell us a little about how you manage your creativity with kids around the house in a blog post or in a comment left here

2- link back to this post through your blog

3- wait for your coupon!

all the comments will be added EVERYDAY 6 DAYS in all for the chance to win !

so share your stories!

Oh and i nearly forgot to mention! For six days from now , everything on the store will be 50% off! YAY!!!!

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